Apple Airpods Max Review – Is it REALLY the best noise cancelling headphone in 2020?

Apple Airpods Max:
Apple Airpods Max Frequency Response:

Become an expert on headphones:
Learn about headphone measurements and frequency response:
How frequency response impacts sound signature:

Source equipment
Amp – SPL Phonitor X:
Amp – Cayin IHA-6:
Amp – Topping L30:
Amp – Schiit Magni Heresy:
Amp – Cayin HA1A MK2:
DAC – iFi Pro iDSD:
DAP – iBasso DX220:
DAC – Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro:

Headphone Recommendations:

Entry level
AKG K371:
Sennheiser HD 560S:
Sennheiser HD6XX:
Audeze LCD-1:
HiFiMAN Sundara:
HiFiMAN Ananda:
Audeze LCD-GX:
High End
Audeze LCD-2 (with EQ):
Focal Clear:
HiFiMAN Arya:
Sennheiser HD 800S:
ZMF Auteur:
HEDDphone (heavy):
Very high end
Rosson Audio RAD-0:
ZMF Verite Closed:
Focal Stellia:
Focal Utopia:
HiFiMAN Susvara:

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Devices Used
02:04 – Build, Design & Comfort
06:23 – Noise Cancelling & Features
13:27 – Sound: Frequency Response & Tonal Balance
21:12 – Sound: Technical Performance
26:26 – Angry Rant
28:59 – Conclusion

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