Astro A20 Gen 2 Headset Review – Everything You Need to Know Plus Mic Test!

The Astro A20 Gen 2 (at $119.99) is an interesting gaming headset. It’s not class leading in multiple categories yet as a whole it’s a no-fuss, fairly comfortable wireless headset that works the way a gaming headset should. It lacks any customization but Astro does provide three presets to choose from. The best part about this headset is the fact that Astro sells the transmitters separately ($20), allowing you to have a single wireless headset that works (completely wirelessly) on Xbox, Playstation, and PC for under $150. The microphone could be better, as could ear cup adjustability, but the headband allows heads of all sizes including kids. Over all it’s a good option to consider at this price point.

If you think this is the right headset for you, you can purchase it here:
Xbox Version:
PlayStation Version:


0:00 – Intro
1:06 – Something Amazing
2:36 – Specs
4:35 – Comfort and Ergonomics
6:35 – Sound Quality
8:40 – Sizing
11:19 – Audio Presets
12:18 – Firmware
13:56 – vs Turtle Beach
17:23 – Mic Tests
19:03 – Final Thoughts

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