Audeze LCD-2 Headphones REVIEW

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The LCD-2 was the first headphone built and sold by Audeze. With a decade of revisions and improvements since the original, the LCD-2 represents that first bold step into the luxury high-end headphone market that’s since stood the test of time. Now, as part of the brand’s Origins Collection series, the LCD-2 has earned the brand its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones. Like all Audeze headphones, the LCD-2 is still engineered and handcrafted in the USA at their Southern California facility.

Being an industry leader is often closely associated with innovation as well. As a leader in planar magnetic driver technology, Audeze developed a way to manufacture an Ultra-thin diaphragm that’s thinner than a human hair. What’s gained when a diaphragm is made so thin? The lighter and more flexible the diaphragm, the faster it can move like a piston to push and pull the air around it. The faster the movement of the diaphragm, the better it’s able to reproduce sound waves naturally as they occur in the real world. Made from a flat proprietary sheet of film, the mass of the diaphragm that’s propelled by the magnets is crucial for responsive and accurate sound reproduction. In fact, Audeze claims the diaphragms in the LCD-2 are so light, they weigh less than the air the diaphragms are designed to push around. Weight reduction to the extreme is the key to the success Audeze has achieved through its planar magnetic technology. For planar magnetic driver tech, the original LCD-2 is the headphone that started it all, and the brand’s innovative lineage is deeply imprinted into this latest revision.

For users who listen to detail-oriented music that’s organic and natural, we give the LCD-2 open-back headphone two solid thumbs up. As the most forgiving planar magnetic headphone in the Audeze Origin Collection, our impression of the LCD-2 is that it suits almost all kinds of music, but the LCD-2’s true potential shines the most on Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical and Funk music. As always, making the decision comes down to your unique ergonomic application.

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