Avantree HT5009 Bluetooth Headphones Review | Wireless Headphones for TV with Transmitter Set Review

In this video, I review Avantree HT5009 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that work great for watching TV.

Have you watched TV or sports and had your spouse complain that you are blowing them out of the house? Have you ever watched the NBA or NHL playoffs late at night and kept your spouse awake at midnight or even later? Maybe, you find yourself, out of all those living with you, requiring extra volume to watch TV, making it uncomfortable and unenjoyable for everyone else in the room. Or, what about your mom or dad, who may be hearing impaired or maybe has dementia, who currently lives with you and turns up the TV volume so high that you just can’t stand it any longer?

All these and other daily-struggles, surrounding hearing impairment, are solved by a great set of TV listening devices from Avantree. This set seamlessly works with hearing aids so that one can hear 360-degree surround sound inside of his or her headphones without interfering with what the hearing aids are picking up. They work together. This is the answer!


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