Fiio FH3 Review – TOO MUCH BASS (I Love It)

Fiio’s latest IEM is the FH3, and it might be my favorite from the company. It’s got three drivers, beryllium coating, and a lot of accessories for your bucks. I spent two weeks with it, these are my thoughts.

00:00 Product info & Pricing
02:15 What’s in the box
03:30 Build quality
06:30 Fit & Comfort
08:00 Sound signature
10:00 Bass
11:55 Midrange
13:00 Treble
15:00 Staging & Imaging
16:50 Vs. Moondrop Starfield
18:45 Vs. Etymotic ER2XR
20:35 Conclusion & Rating

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The Endless Wonders of the Beautiful Nature

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What Is Structured Cabling?

Structured Cabling is frequently explained as a circuitry that contains a variety of standard smaller sized elements supplying an extensive telecommunications facilities or in basic terms a standard cabling system designed to handle voice, data as well as video clip signals in a business or household unit. An arranged cabling system sets you back less to set up as well as maintain over the life the system. Designing a Structured System calls for a great deal of skills and mindful preparation as it entails a variety of vital aspects right from assessing the architectural structure of the building to the top quality material. Likewise the cabling needs to adapt to the standards of CSA standards in Canada or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for the US based services. The standardization of these installations is essential to make sure appropriate system efficiency.

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