Hiby R5 Gen 2 REVIEW! Battery life CHAMP

Traditionally, you’ve had to make a hard choice when buying a digital audio player — do you want excellent battery life, or do you want Android and all the flexibility that entails? Well the Hiby R5 Gen 2 lets you have your cake and eat it too, and throws in a Class A amplifier trick for good measure. So how is it to actually use? Let’s find out.

See the Hiby R5 Gen 2 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3sKh4hK
On Hiby’s store: https://store.hiby.com/products/hiby-r5-gen-2

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Disclosure: This video is NOT sponsored, but Hiby did send this player to me free for review. Check them out at https://store.hiby.com/

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