HiFiMAN Sundara Giveaway – we’re doing one this week!

Signup Form: https://forms.gle/U3YRMpKhmvQ5XXf48
How to sign up for the Sundara giveaway and more information: https://www.headphones.com/pages/giveaways
HiFiMAN Sundara: https://www.headphones.com/products/hifiman-sundara?_pos=1&_sid=447382913&_ss=r
HiFiMAN Sundara Review: https://www.headphones.com/blogs/news/hifiman-sundara-review-2020-stealth-revision?_pos=2&_sid=6b1d17037&_ss=r

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How frequency response impacts sound signature: https://www.headphones.com/pages/how-frequency-response-impacts-sound-signature
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Source equipment
Amp – SPL Phonitor X: https://www.headphones.com/products/spl-phonitor-x-headphone-amplifier?variant=376861360149
Amp – Cayin IHA-6: https://www.headphones.com/products/cayin-iha-6?_pos=1&_sid=41be6560e&_ss=r
Amp – Schiit Magni Heresy: https://www.schiit.com/products
Amp – Cayin HA1A MK2: https://www.headphones.com/products/cayin-ha-1a-mk2-vacuum-tube-headphone-amplifier?_pos=2&_sid=b221c64c6&_ss=r
Amp – Ampsandsound Kenzie OG: https://ampsandsound.com/products/kenzie-headphone-amp
DAC – Soncoz LA-QXD1: https://hifigo.com/products/soncoz-la-qxd1-dac-fully-balanced-digital-audio-converters-with-xlr
DAP – iBasso DX220: https://www.headphones.com/products/ibasso-dx220-digital-audio-player?_pos=1&_sid=24e0cbb9e&_ss=r
DAC – Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro: https://www.headphones.com/products/matrix-audio-x-sabre-pro-mqa?_pos=2&_sid=7f62f5062&_ss=r

Headphone Recommendations:

Entry level
AKG K371: https://www.akg.com/Headphones/Professional%20Headphones/K371-.html
Sennheiser HD 560S: https://www.headphones.com/products/sennheiser-hd-560s?_pos=1&_sid=6cc96eeef&_ss=r
Sennheiser HD6XX: https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx

HiFiMAN Sundara: https://www.headphones.com/products/hifiman-sundara?_pos=1&_sid=0fc673fa4&_ss=r
HiFiMAN Ananda: https://www.headphones.com/products/hifiman-ananda?_pos=1&_sid=76adf945a&_ss=r
Focal Elex: https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-focal-elex-headphones
Audeze LCD-GX: https://www.headphones.com/products/audeze-lcd-gx-gaming-headphones?_pos=1&_sid=8185420ed&_ss=r

High End
Audeze LCD-2 (with EQ): https://www.headphones.com/products/audeze-lcd-2-high-performance-planar-magnetic-headphone-lambskin-leather?_pos=10&_sid=20f563872&_ss=r
Focal Clear: https://www.headphones.com/products/focal-clear-over-ear-open-back-headphones?_pos=1&_sid=c89ce8927&_ss=r
HiFiMAN Arya: https://www.headphones.com/products/hifiman-arya?_pos=1&_sid=7c7f2eb6f&_ss=r
Sennheiser HD 800S: https://www.headphones.com/products/sennheiser-hd-800-s-dynamic-open-back-stereo-headphones?_pos=1&_sid=eeaa647ba&_ss=r
ZMF Auteur: https://shop.zmfheadphones.com/collections/stock-headphones/products/zmf-auteur
HEDDphone (heavy): https://www.headphones.com/products/heddphone?_pos=1&_sid=14b0214ae&_ss=r

Very high end
Rosson Audio RAD-0: https://www.headphones.com/products/rosson-audio-design-rad-0?_pos=1&_sid=fc9369c25&_ss=r
ZMF Verite Closed: https://shop.zmfheadphones.com/collections/stock-headphones/products/verite-closed
Focal Stellia: https://www.headphones.com/products/focal-stellia?_pos=1&_sid=805465480&_ss=r

Focal Utopia: https://www.headphones.com/products/focal-utopia-open-back-over-ear-headphones?_pos=1&_sid=0135214bf&_ss=r
HiFiMAN Susvara: https://www.headphones.com/products/hifiman-susvara?_pos=1&_sid=19a60f986&_ss=r

IEM Recommendations:
Moondrop Blessing 2: https://www.headphones.com/products/moondrop-blessing-2?_pos=1&_sid=7c10af5e6&_ss=r
Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk: https://shenzhenaudio.com/products/moondrop-x-crinacle-blessing2-dusk-1dd-4ba-in-ear-monitor-earphone
DUNU SA6: https://www.headphones.com/products/dunu-sa6?_pos=1&_sid=ecf8336e1&_ss=r
Thieaudio Monarch: https://www.headphones.com/products/thieaudio-monarch?_pos=1&_sid=fb8afd0bf&_ss=r
Campfire Andromeda 2020: https://www.headphones.com/products/campfire-audio-andromeda-in-ear-headphones?_pos=1&_sid=f0d446275&_ss=r
64 Audio Nio: https://www.headphones.com/products/64-audio-nio?_pos=1&_sid=6250a7bd1&_ss=r
64 Audio U12t: https://www.headphones.com/products/64-audio-u12t-universal-fit-earphone?_pos=1&_sid=bfdb9b1c2&_ss=r
Empire Ears Odin: https://www.headphones.com/products/empire-ears-odin?_pos=1&_sid=d8794acd1&_ss=r

GoPro: Australia Buyers Guide – Where To Buy To Get The Best Deal

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