iFi Go Blu vs Fiio BTR5 vs Qudelix 5K vs Radsone ES100 – One of these blew my mind

Radsone ES100: https://earstudio.store/products/es100
Fiio BTR5: https://www.fiio.com/btr5
iFi Go Blu: https://www.headphones.com/products/ifi-audio-go-blu-portable-bluetooth-dac-amp
Qudelix 5k: https://www.qudelix.com/products/qudelix-5k-dac-amp?variant=32666237206587

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00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Build Quality, Form Factor, Connectivity & Battery
09:44 – Amp & DAC Sections, Power
11:24 – Sound Quality
12:22 – Features & Functionality (reasons to buy)
20:46 – Rant About EQ
23:10 – Conclusion

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