Ikko Gems OH1s FIRST LOOK! Plus NF Audio NA2+

The last time Ikko Audio was on this channel was when I reviewed the Ikko OH10, which earned a 5-star rating. Now the company is out with a follow-up model, the curiously-named Gems OH1s. Let’s unbox it and measure it, along with another similarly-priced IEM, the NF Audio NA2+.

See the Ikko Gems OH1s on Amazon: https://amzn.to/35EaxJC

See the NF Audio NA2+ on Aoshida Audio: https://aoshida-audio.com/products/nf-audio-na2-1

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This video is NOT sponsored, but Ikko did send me the Gems OH1s free for review. Check them out at https://ikkoaudio.com/

And similarly, retailer Aoshida Audio did send me the NF Audio NA2+ free for review. Check them out at https://aoshida-audio.com/

Music by Birocratic. Check him out on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/birocratic

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What’s the Best Underwater Camera? – Check Out the Top 5 Models!

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Five Reasons to Buy a Radio Controlled Watch

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Oransi V-Hepa Air Purifier

Oransi V-Hepa Air Purifier is taken into consideration as one of the most effective air purifiers. We breathe greater than 3,000 gallons of air in a day. This indicates that a private on an ordinary inhales and also exhales for about 22,000 times a day. Do you know just how much affect does the air we breathe have on our health and also mind? We understand how essential it is to consume the best food, however we never care to think about the importance of air we take a breath? According to scientists, we must be actually fretted about the quality of air outdoors along with inside. Absorbing factor to consider that we invest bulk of our time inside in our homes or offices, an air cleanser has actually become a necessity to give tidy breathing air to stay healthy and balanced. Long direct exposure to impure air can lead to conditions such as acute rhinitis, headaches as well as asthma. Impure air can even cause eye, nose and also mouth associated problems.

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