Koss KPH30i Hyper Budget End Game headphones! Review and impressions.

So, the question is… Did I really sell my Hifiman HE400i 2020 for the Koss KPH30i? This Koss KPH30i review video is about how much value you’re getting at USD$25.75 shipped. It’s an amazing piece of audio gear that all budget audio enthusiasts should have. Take a watch of the video as I share with you the overall impressions, simple $3 mod to improve sound quality and also the sound impressions from soundstage, imaging, bass, mids and trebles.

This Koss KPH30i has been purchased by me full price from Drop. My apologies for the binaural experience of hearing my dog pacing up and down the house and other ambient noises.

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Next upcoming video should be about the Tanchjim Cora.

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